Rhino Food Store

7411 West Hampton Avenue
Milwaukee, WI 53218-4747
(414) 393-9900

What I like best about Rhino Food is their “ready-to-eat” foods. They prepare egg rolls, colored tapioca pearls desserts, spring rolls and other snacks and appetizers fresh every day. I would recommend heading there for these goodies early in the morning since everything is in packages. Towards the afternoon, the foods get cold, soggy, dried and not as tasty. 

I do have to say, though, despite my like for their ready-to-eat foods, I’m not a fan of their products and fresh produce. Many of their items cost a lot more than other oriental stores’. The aisles are also very small and things are randomly placed on the floor, making it difficult to move around with a shopping cart. For Asian ingredients and fresh veggies, I would rather go to Viet Hoa.


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