Thai Basil…What Is It?

Thai Basil is also known as Sweet Basil or Asian Basil and the Thai name is bai horapa. Thai basil is slightly sweeter in flavor and more stable when cooked than the Mediterranean basil. In general, the leaves of Thai basil are longer and more narrow while the Mediterranean basil has shorter and more rounded leaves.

Fresh Thai Basil can be purchased at most Asian markets. If you don’t live in an area where you have access to Asian markets, you may want to grow your own. You can purchase live plants and seeds online. I’d recommend purchasing from, it’s much cheaper than purchasing elsewhere online.

Culinary Uses and Substitutes
Basil is used abundantly in both cooked and raw dishes in small amounts, as well as for garnish. Recipes may specify a specific type of basil and if possible, it is worth the effort to find the proper type.

Substitute For Basil
If your recipe calls for Thai or Asian basil, you can substitute with the common Mediterranean variety with similar, but not the exact taste result. If you want an entirely different flavor, substitute with mint.

Thank you Gourmet Sleuth for the information!


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