How to Cook Dried Mushrooms

Many mushrooms come in dried forms and some exotic mushrooms only come in dried forms in stores. Trumpet, lobster, maitake, morrels, chantrelles, porcini, miscellaneous “field” mushrooms, and truffles all come dried. When you see them in their packages, you might be thinking, “Hmmm…That sounds cool, but how can I use them?”

First off, dried mushrooms are great additions to creamy dishes, sauces, pastas, stuffing, soups and egg dishes too. However, you must rinse them under cool water to be sure to get rid of any dirt that’s still on them from being picked. Then, you’ll want to submerge them in very warm or hot water for about 30 minutes, ideally.

You can use these soaked mushrooms for wonderful, earthy flavor in your favorite dishes.

Thank you for sharing, Kimberly!


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