How to Pick & Peel Mangoes!

Step 1: Mangoes certainly come in a lot of shapes and varieties, but one thing I always look for when picking out a mango is that it should be oblong shaped, like a football, and should be firm and not mushy to the touch. The color should be similar to that of a ripe peach, rather than a light green.

Step 2: Smell your mango! It should not have an alcohol scent to it, or it may have already gone bad. Mangos have a lot of sugar in them, so they tend to start smelling fermented if they are on their way out.

Step 3: Most mangoes that you will buy in the store require some time to ripen before eating. Leave your mango out in a cool area of your kitchen for a few days to ripen it. When the mango is ripe, it will have a lovely fruity aroma and be slightly soft to the touch. The stem should also be round and firm, not dried out. A few small brown specks on the skin are also an indication that the fruit is ripe. You can refrigerate a mango for about 3-4 days after you have ripened it.

Step 4: Peeling: Remove a thin piece of the fruit from one end, so that you can stand the mango upright on a cutting board. Hold the mango, cut side down, and with a paring knife, remove the skin in thin strips working from top to bottom.

Step 5: Pitting: Once the skin is removed, cut off the top and the bottom of the mango, leaving a pit surrounded by fruit. Slice lengthwise down the fruit, and remove the flesh from the pit in a circular motion. One the flesh is removed, discard the pit and slice the fruit as needed.

For more tips & tricks, watch these video tutorials on how to cut and peel your mangoes perfect!

Thank you, eHow!


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