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New Market on Milwaukee’s Northwest Side!

Posted in YOUR COMMUNITY NEWS! on March 23, 2010 by Meals of Asia

JS Online has just released that a Hmong market, Milwaukee’s Asian Market, has just been opened on the city’s northwest side, aiming to serve the growing demands and needs of the Hmong community. The goal set to accomplish behind this market, to hopefully turn this market into an ‘International Hmong Market’ as the one in St. Paul, MN, is big and I’m really looking forward to seeing the outcomes. I encourage anyone living near the Milwaukee area to check out this new market. I wonder how unique this store is from other existing Hmong stores since it seems to have such a clear and interesting mindset of what it seeks to accomplish. If you’ve visited the store, please post your comments /reviews for us here.  Thanks!


Traditional Hmong Cooking Reflects Rural Culture

Posted in YOUR COMMUNITY NEWS! on March 16, 2010 by Meals of Asia

The Journal Sentinel has a great article on how traditional Hmong cooking reflects rural culture. To get a better understanding of traditional Hmong cooking, please read this article.